Assisted living Casper WY gives you the opportunity for many wonderful activities to experience around and about around the city, but sometimes staying in and enjoying the comfort of your apartment is how you want to spend your free time. Whether you choose to pursue these hobbies solo or with a friend, here are some ideas for fun activities!

Reading is an excellent hobby because not only does it foster your imagination better than a TV ever could, it greatly benefits communication and memory skills. A 2018 study by the journal JAMA Psychiatry concluded that dementia risk was significantly lower among those ages 65 and older, both women and men, who took part in mind-stimulating activities like reading versus those who didn’t. Get together with your friends and other residents for a book club by choosing one book to read a month, and if you are able to, meet and enjoy the time well spent with a good discussion and good company. Can’t meet in person? Virtual calls and technology like Zoom and FaceTime will allow you to enjoy the fun still.

Gardening provides you a multi-beneficial activity – not only do you get to support the growth of beautiful plants and fruits or vegetables, but the sunlight and dexterity required for gardening are also super important for older adults. Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, can help those vulnerable to osteoporosis by promoting bone health. Consistently working with your hands can enable mobility and keep your muscles strong.

Art therapy can help with memory loss or with those experiencing mental or physical stress. Taking part in creative activity can be effective in delaying the decline of cognitive functions. Art stimulates the brain and is always a fun time! Try painting, DIY crafting, or jewelry making at Mountain Plaza Senior Living Casper WY.