No one wants to feel that they are getting ripped off when selling their home. No matter what state of affairs your home is in, you want to get a fair asking price for it. However, it can be tough to know how to accomplish that, especially in today’s housing market. Knowing what goes into properly evaluating a home can help you make the best decision possible.


When selling your home and moving to assisted living in Casper WY, you want to make sure you assess the current market. Check to see what prices are doing – are they going up or are they going down? It’s a seller’s market right now, meaning properties are likely to be overpriced.


You’ll also want to assess comparable properties currently on the market. Visit other homes you see for sale in your area if you are able, and get a sense of their size, condition, and what features they have. Then, see if what you are aiming for on selling price matches those homes. Sellers who set fair prices know that properties must be priced similar to comparable properties in order to be competitive and ultimately sell. Consider looking at unsold properties as well (these are properties taken off of the market after a while because they didn’t sell). Those homes could very likely have been overpriced.


Of course, when moving to senior living in Casper WY you will want to discuss the asking price with your realtor. They are likely to have a better sense of what you should price your home as, or if what you want to offer is too low or too high.