As Father’s Day approaches, the team at Mountain Plaza is here to help residents and their families in honoring the fathers in their life. There is no better time than the present to gather with loved ones and recognize the crucial role that fathers play in our lives. Here are a few of our favorite Father’s Day ideas: 

Take Dad out for a day filled with his favorite activities. 

A change of scenery might be refreshing for your father, whether it’s a walk around your local park, dinner at his favorite restaurant, or something else you know he’ll enjoy.

Make a photo book of the family for Dad. 

Request that each family member choose a few images of themselves to add in the album. We propose that you include both serious and humorous photos in your collection. This gift is priceless, and Dad can reminisce about it whenever he wants.

Deliver food from his favorite eatery. 

Some fathers are unable to leave their assisted living community due to mobility and health difficulties. Why not deliver the food to your father if that’s the case? Call and ask what special treat he’d like for Father’s Day, and make sure to order enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Make a game day out of it. 

Games are an excellent way to bring your family closer together, and most assisted living communities include common areas where you may do so. Bring a deck of cards or your Dad’s favorite board game to enjoy. 

At Mountain Plaza assisted living in Casper WY we would be delighted to assist you in organizing something special for your father. Many of our residents are fathers, and we strongly encourage them to bring their families whenever feasible.


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