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Paul and His Mother

Listen to Paul’s experience placing his mother into assisted living. He was thrilled to witness how his mother already had friends at Deer Trail Assisted Living. She enjoyed the engaging activities available and the delicious meals. Paul was delighted to see his mother thriving in her new home.

Jeff’s Mother and Her Cat

Jeff selected Deer Trail Assisted Living for his mother, the pivotal factor? His mother could keep her beloved pet cat. Recognizing the significance of the companionship in his mother’s life, Deer Trail ensured a caring and pet-friendly environment, bringing joy and comfort to both his mother and cat.

Karen’s Father with Dementia

Karen found the perfect fit for her father at Deer Trail Assisted Living. The specialized Memory Care program they offered was ideal for his dementia needs, ensuring he could maintain his active lifestyle. With dedicated care and supervision, Karen was reassured that her father was in good hands, granting her peace of mind.